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A & A Morse   Fibreglass Boat Repairs


Common Problems

Fibreglass, or GRP (glass reinforced plastic) boats are renowned for being quiet, soft riding, well finished, and attractive. They have proven to be remarkably strong, durable and almost maintenance free. Though occasionally subject to problems of Rot (in the timber parts), a well kept and maintained GRP boat will survive almost indefinitely.

The Floor and Transom of a fibreglass boat are most susceptible to Rot, mostly because that?s where people drill holes and make modifications. Freshwater from rain, or your garden hose can find its way into these areas and this is where the real trouble begins.

The simple installation of a berley bucket or Transducer cable to the Transom could allow Rot to gain foothold as the water seeps into the Transoms wooden core through the drill holes. The presence of Rot in the Transom will weaken it considerably and be potentially Very Dangerous!

If the outboard leg should strike a log or hit a sand bank, the leverage exerted on a soft Transom could result in the back of the boat and the motor tearing clean away.

The underside of the timber Floor in some fibreglass boats are often not properly sealed and Rot sets-in through Rainwater sloshing around the cockpit and through under floor condensation, eventually absorbing into the timber seriously weakening the Floor and in some cases, part-of or entire Stringers.

Gelcoat gouges, chips n scratches, most of which are due to general wear and tear are mostly cosmetic though should be repaired as prolonged exposure will eventually deteriorate the fibreglass laminate.

Fractures, splits and cracking can occur in the Fibreglass laminate usually as a result of accident. These are a more serious problem and should be Immediately assessed and repaired.

Now before you get too Worried.

Repairs are easily made !

A & A Morse Fibreglass Boat Repairs can fix these and any other problems and return your favourite boat to its former glory for many more years of Safe Boating.

"The bottom line here is that Fibreglass Boats can be readily brought back to a condition virtually as good as new for only a fraction of the cost of replacement."

*** Safe Boating ***

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"Great advise , great work , great finish. You blokes know your profession."


"Picked up my boat after damaging the keel and would like to thank Adrian and his brother Ashleigh for all their help and getting it back on the water i highly recommend Morse Fi..."